april 2016

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The author-Stéphanie KATZ

Essayist, teacher in image analysis and art history in art schools (notably at the Esad of Amiens) and universities, Stéphanie Katz offers a transversal look that questions contemporary practices of the image in relation to the heritage of The history of art.
Holding a thesis on "The Representation of the Voice in painting", she is the author of "The screen, from the icon to the virtual." The resistance of the Infiguration (L'Harmattan, 2004),
She has designed numerous documentaries on painting and image for France-culture and has been constructing for several years a reflection on the frontier of artistic and documentary practices.
She regularly publishes catalogues, Monograph of artists (François Daireaux-LienArt 2010, Carole Benzaken-Flamarion 2012, Christophe Robe, Galerie Fournier 201 5, Emmanuel Riviere, Fondation Zervos 2016), or interventions in the specialized press .
She was greeted in a writing residency at La Villa-la-Brugère, in Arromanches in 2013-2014, then at the Fondation Zervos in Vézelay in 2015-2016, she is currently working on a project (Archipelago of memories to be seen), which accounts for her meeting with certain Works that served as beacons to his journey, to the frontier of collective memory and a singular look.
It attaches much importance to its role of transmission.